Individual prophylaxis

Your teeth are just as individual as you are.

Modern dentistry would be unthinkable without prophylaxis. This is the only way to ensure that healthy teeth remain healthy. Controls of second dentition with children, educating in brushing habits, professional cleaning of teeth, treatment of sensitive tooth necks and advice in case of halitosis are the corner stones of our prophylaxis.

Special mouth splints that fit precisely over your teeth protect you from problems with your temporomandibular joint and prevent the abrasion of teeth caused by pressing or grinding.

Our youngest patients deserve our special attention. The stress-free, playful treatment with children’s prevention programmes is done using the latest techniques for treating children – we take all the time we need and make sure there is lots of fun involved.

The youngsters learn everything about special brushing techniques and healthy nutrition. They learn that strong teeth are valuable and useful and must be preserved for life.
It is our pleasure to look after you and support you in that.